Mapping technology in cervical cancer prevention and control in Kabarole district

As technology continues to grow in low income countries, different software applications, computers and other technologies have been developed with several features such as remote sensing GPS feature, open data source and free cloud servers which can potentially be used in handling several public health interventions.

With support from Knowledge for Change, I’m currently developing an approach of using mapping technology to map cervical cancer awareness/mobilisation coverage and locating women eligible for cervical cancer screening in Kabarole district taking a case study of Kagote Health Centre III See &Treat Clinic. This will aim at promoting cervical cancer awareness among women, increasing the uptake of women to utilise cervical cancer services and improving the quality of health care basing on visual evidence

Elective Placement Opportunities in Uganda

“Knowledge for change” is UK & Uganda based Charity

Knowledge for change( K4C)

We offer tailored placements based on the interests of students and responding to the needs on the ground. We offer placements for a variety of disciplines:

– Midwifery
– Adult Nursing
– Physiotherapy
– Occupational Therapy
– Bio Medical Sciences
– Social and Community Work

For more information visit our to our website

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What is prosperity to you…..???

To me I have come up with a simple formula to explain it clearly: Money + Happiness + Sustainability = Prosperity. So I think prosperity is a balance between money and happiness – a balance that must be sustainable for the longer haul. You must feel good about what you are doing to make money; have the passion to continue it for years if not decades; the work must be ethical, environmentally sound, and beneficial to others; and the work must offer lasting value, not be a get-rich-quick scheme.

So now if the President of Uganda says “PROSPERITY FOR ALL”….. does he mean it??? OR he wants votes

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